Zaporizhtransformator, Public Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    3 Dnipropetrovske shose, c. Zaporizhzhya, 69600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(061) 270-37-39, 270-39-00
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Public Joint-Stock Company "Zaporizhtransformator" (PJSC "ZTR") is one of the largest specialized enterprises among the world transformer manufacturers. PJSC "ZTR" ranks first among Ukrainian and CIS manufacturers, supplies and servicers of power, distribution and special-purpose transformers of various capacities and voltages as well as tap changers to control transformers.

- Three-phase two-winding step-up transformers for operation in the unit with generators of electric stations. Maximum achieved unit power for voltage classes: 330 kV -1250 MVA; 220 kV and 500 kV-1000 MVA; 110 kV - 400 MVA;
- Single-phase two-winding step-up transformers for operation in three-phase bank in the unit with one or two generators of electric stations. Maximum power in the bank of three single-phase units for voltage classes: 750 kV and 1150 kV –1250 MVA, 500 kV-I000 MVA;
- Single-phase and three-phase two and three-winding autotransformers for connection of high voltage electric networks and systems. Produced for all required voltage combinations, including 1150/500, 750/500, 500/220 kV, 330/220 kV, 220/110 kV, etc. Maximum power of three-phase unit -500MVA, bank of three single-phase units - 2000 MVA (1150/500 kV)
- Auxiliary transformers for high-power generating units and start/standby transformers for electric stations, as a rule, with low-voltage windings split into two independent half-power branches. Rated power - up to 63 MVA, high voltage - up to 330 kV;
- Two and three-winding transformers for electric stations of up to 500 kV. Rated power - up to 330 kVA;
- Distribution transformers from 0,025 MVA to 6,3 MVA for voltage classes 6 kV, 30 kV, 20 kV, 35 kV;
- Electric furnace transformers and those for supply of arc steel-making furnaces and rolling mill engines. Rated power - up to 160 MVA, voltage class - up to 330 kV;
- Transformers for DC transition line converter substations for voltage class up to ±750 kV DC and 500 kv AC;
- Earthing transformers;
- Dry transformers;
- Electric reactors including controlled ones for DC and AC transmission lines;
- Control and monitoring systems for transformers;
- Tap changers for voltage class up to 33D kV and current up to 2000 A;
- Phase screened busducts for voltage class 6-10 kV and rated current 630-3150 A for complete switchgears for power consuming enterprises
- Phase screened busducts for transmission and distribution of electric energy for voltage class of 20 kV and rated current 7200-18500 A;
- Enclosed round busducts for transmission and distribution of electric energy for networks with-voltage class of 0,4-10 kV AC |1500-3200 A) and up to 3 kV in DC networks |2000-3000 A);
- Phase shifting transformers;
- Mounting of equipment and services in operation, training of operational personnel;
- Separate components for transformers (coolers, low-voltage bushings, shutoff fittings etc.);
- Terms of delivery - upon Customer's request 3 Dnipropetrovske shose (DAF, СРT, DDР).

Products of OJSC "ZTR" are in operation in 75 countries of the world.

Nowadays the company is a strong leader in supplies of transformers and electrical reactors to the markets of Ukraine , CIS countries, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

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