GT Race Company

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    Syretskaya st. , 9, building 1F, c. Kyiv, 04073, Ukraine
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    +38(800) 21-24-20
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GT Ukraine is a domestic manufacturer of various types of chairs for home and office use. Among the proposed range of most popular gaming chair GT Racer, received a wide variety of colors and shapes. The main distinguishing features of our products are innovative coating materials, modern fillers, advanced technologies in the field of orthopedics, reliable and durable mechanisms. We decided to break established stereotypes and we believe that high-quality furniture does not have to be very expensive. Our manufacturing facilities are located in China to meet the rapidly growing demand for GT Racer products.

Gaming and office chairs are equipped with powerful crosses and wide rollers, which provides a perfect slide on any type of flooring, and it does not matter that it is carpet, tile, parquet, laminate, wood or linoleum. Caring for the health of each client has become our main task. That’s why all models received an anatomically correct shape for optimal spinal support. The latest folding mechanisms and adjustable armrests (in gaming models) allow you to adapt them for each user. All materials used in production have high wear resistance, elasticity, softness, always maintaining their original appearance for a long time, for the most comfortable use in all conditions. The stylish design of each chair from the company GT Ukraine will highlight the bright personality of its owner.

Our reputation is what we care about; therefore, all our furniture is carefully monitored, at all stages of production. Before shipment from the factory, each series of products is tested and checked for defects, and only after that is sent to our warehouses. GT Ukraine keeps abreast of the demands of the modern user, each time offering exactly those chairs that will most closely match them. Our team consists of qualified professionals who will always come to the rescue if you need help in finding the right model. We are always open for long-term cooperation and strive to make it extremely beneficial for all interested parties.