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    c. Chernivtsy, 58009, Ukraine
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    +38(0372) 58-53-65
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Liluck Ltd. – representative of the group of companies. producing high-quality eco-friendly natural products, such as juices and conservation, exclusively in glass containers, which can be seen in every corner of Ukraine, Europe and the United States, under their own brands GLYBKON and Spring drops, sharing brand Alikend, and other private brands. Our history starts since 2001.

We are leaders in the preparation and realization of organic birch sap in Ukraine, winners of many prestigious competitions and exhibitions, the owners of numerous awards for quality of our products.

Group members are also engaged in collecting wild herbs, using them in their production. Production is located in the village Glybokaya, Chernivtsi region. It is a countryside at the foothills of the Carpathians, in absolutely pure and pristine areas, where nature shares its gifts with us.

All raw materials used for the manufacture of products is closely checked on incoming inspection. During the production process, at all its phases, we use several intermediate quality checks. Also production is checked after getting to the finished product warehouse and before sending it to the consumer.

Ancient traditions and modern technologies, operation with unique eco-friendly raw materials and exceptionally high quality products makes Liluck Ltd. unique among other brands.

Food safety in the understanding of of “LILUCK” Ltd. is a creation of conditions at the enterprise, that can produce a safe product, effective control at each stage of the process; and reliable system of supervision over quality and production.