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UKRAINIAN POLYGRAPH ASSOCIATION (UPA) is public organization operating throughout Ukraine, was founded in 2014 with the goal of combining polygraph examiners with various professional knowledge and practical experience to form a single fundamental scientific basis and theoretical bases for researches with a polygraph, create methodological recommendations, and also for generalization of practical experience with polygraph in our country.

The Ukrainian Polygraph Association sets the task of developing the profession of a polygraph examiner, developing and improving legislation regulating the procedure for conducting polygraph examinations (polygraph examinations / tests), introducing ethical standards for polygraph examiners, and protecting the professional rights of members of the Ukrainian Polygraph Association.


Since the foundation of the Association its has been relentlessly expanding the scope of its activities, as well as the level of tasks. With such rapid development, our organization was able to remain on the principle postulates of its activities: independence, openness, apoliticality, democracy and equality of its members.

The work of the Ukrainian Polygraph Association is built on the personal initiative and interest of its members. During our joint work, we were able to become the most dynamic and active organization of polygraph examiners in Ukraine, declared ourselves outside the country and took an active position on many issues in the field of polygraph studies.