Cherkasy State Business College

The educational institution was founded in 1966 according to the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of the 7th of November 1963 (№ 1210) on the basis of production facilities of Cherkasy chemical plant (currently - private stock-company "Azot"). The first name was Cherkasy Technical School №2. Later on the educational institution was restructured: in 1984 - into Cherkasy Secondary Technical Vocational School №10, in 1991 – into Cherkasy Higher Vocational School №10. In 1985 academic building №2 was built and the reconstruction of academic building №1 was completed.

During the first twenty five years of its activity the educational institution trained technicians mainly for the private stock-company "Azot". The most known alumni of those years were M.I.Korchaka (Chief Engineer of the company “Azot”), V.P.Shepel (Head of the Board of Cherkasy regional trade union of workers of the chemical and petrochemical industries), P.I.Sholudko (production unit supervisor of the company “Azot”).

Aiming at further development of the national education, its integration into the European educational environment as well as creating a modern model of higher educational institution, a new structural unit “Model educational centre for training specialists in the field of entrepreneurship” was created in 1995 in the institution. This was done with the help of the consulting program TRANSFORM, under the guidance of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Research of Germany and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine (Order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine №195 of June 30, 1995).

Due to the implementation of innovation technologies of professional practical training and according to the submitting of Cherkasy regional state administration, Cherkasy Higher Vocational School №10 was reorganized into Cherkasy Model Centre for training and retraining specialists (Order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine №5 of January 9, 1997).

The technical and financial support provided by the government of Germany and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine within the program TRANSFORM (1995-1999) enabled the educational institution to improve drastically its physical facilities, to attract new teachers providing them with advanced training in Germany, to stop completely the training of existing technical specialties and offer modern specialties required by the labour market of Cherkasy region.

The necessity to provide a quality training of specialists of Bachelor degree and Junior specialist degree and to implement the system of multistage education induced the reorganization of Cherkasy Model Centre for training and retraining specialists into Cherkasy State Business College. The reorganization was held on the 29th of August 2000 under the coordination of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 412 ).

During its 50- year activity the educational institution has trained more than 21,000 qualified specialists for Cherkasy region and Ukraine. 1108 students study in 8 specialties at 5 departments: Economy and Tourism, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Finance, Information Technologies, Design.

Non-residents are provided with a student dormitory.

Our graduates can continue (at will) their education at Cherkasy Banking Institute or at the Institute of Masters and Postgraduate Education of Banking University of NBU, Kyiv (in the 3d-5th year). Graduates with Bachelor Degree can go on studying in the 5th year at Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman or Kyiv National Trade and Economic University. Graduates with Bachelor Degree have an opportunity to continue their studies at universities in Poland under the programme "The European education" and get Master degree there. All graduates of Cherkasy State Business College can get the education of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design in Cherkasy. Training is conducted under the curriculum of the University on the basis of Cherkasy State Business College as a part of educational and research cluster.

We employ 89 full-time teachers. Among them there are 62% of doctors of sciences and teachers of the highest category. 22 teachers were trained in Germany, Canada, the USA, Poland, Ireland, Latvia, Great Britain and received international certificates. Nine teachers are working on doctoral and master's thesis research in the field of economic, historical, educational, physical and mathematical sciences and art history. 47 employees of the college have got awards of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine and other state authorities. The college teachers are the authors of 188 educational publications for students.

One of the best indicators of higher education in Ukraine is the average age of teachers - 42 years old, and teachers with scientific degrees - 39 years old.

Cherkasy State Business College has three academic buildings, a dormitory, household premises, the total area of which is 8663,4 sq.m. We have a stadium and two sports areas of more than 2 hectares.

Business College cooperates with the representatives of business community of Cherkasy region. It is a member of Cherkasy Regional Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (2001), Cherkasy Regional Association of Employers (2004), Cherkasy Chamber of Commerce (2006), a part of the educational and research cluster of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (2015). KVN team ("Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted") "Cactus" won the Cup of Cheerful People of Ukraine (season of 2007-2008), Ukraine’s KVN Cup in 2009.

Business relationship with foreign partners has always been successful. From 1975 to 1989 there were annual exchanges of students and teachers with partners from Bitterfeld, East Germany, from 1993 to 1999 annual exchanges with partners from Hannover, Germany. Business College was the first in Ukraine in 1995 that started cooperation with educational institutions of Germany within the association "EUROPEN International", since 2002 it has been participating in the projects of the US Government "Youth Development" and "Teaching English as a foreign language." In October 2008 a regional CISCO Entrepreneurship Institute was opened on the basis of Business College with the support of Stanford and Cornell University, USA. In 2008 student exchange under the program SAMEDI was implemented and supported by the French Ministry of Education. Under the program METEORITE the students of economic specialties underwent internship in banks of Limousin region, France. Groups of students also had internship in Dublin, Ireland in 2013, in Lodz, Poland in 2014, in Riga, Latvia in 2015.

Peace Corps volunteers work in Business College.

We have been constantly working on: the improvement of academic programs, which would provide a high-quality vocational and practical training of students making them competitive in the labor market; the enhancement of educational and physical facilities involving modern information and telecommunication technologies; the activation of cognitive activity of students in the integrated educational environment, combining the best experience of foreign methods of training specialists with Ukrainian ones for achieving the best results in the training of students.

In 1985 the educational institution was first certified to provide educational services for the level of a complete secondary education.

In 1995 training sessions for students of economic specialties in terms of modeling business activity were implemented.

In 2001 the College started training students for obtaining Bachelor’s Degree.

In 2003 the College was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for its significant contribution to training highly qualified specialists of business and implementation of innovation learning technologies. The College for the first time was accredited by state in the field of "Economics and Entrepreneurship" for the qualification of Bachelor’s Degree.

In 2004 the College was the winner of the Ukrainian quality contest in Cherkasy region in the nomination "Provision of educational services relating to obtaining higher education".

In 2008 the College was awarded the Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine for outstanding creative achievements in improving the content of the educational process.

In 2009 the College was awarded the Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for active participation in the Ukrainian contest of professional skills among students of the qualification "Business activity".

In 2009 the College was the winner among higher educational institutions of Ukraine (I-II levels of accreditation) under the national program "Business Image of Ukraine. The national achievements" and was awarded with a silver award "Recognition of the Year 2009".

In 2011 the College was awarded the Diploma of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine for its significant contribution to the organization and conducting the Ukrainian Youth Contest "Innovative Intellect of Ukraine."

In 2013, the director of the Business College, Doctor of Economic Sciences O. V. Kuklin was awarded with the academic title of Professor.

In 2015 the Business college was re-accredited for a 10- year period for the qualification of "Bachelor" in the fields of "Accounting and Auditing", "Marketing", "Economics of Enterprise".

In 2015 the training for obtaining Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree (7 qualifications) started on the basis of Cherkasy State Business College in cooperation with Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design.

In 2016 Business College became a participant of the European Union program "ERASMUS" for students and teachers. Cooperation with Peace Corps has been updated.