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    16, Soborna str., vil. Sofiivska Borschahivka, Kyevo-Svyatoshyn distr., Kyiv reg., 08131, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 207-43-33
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The VIST GROUP companies was established in 1995 in Shostka, Sumy region. For such a long and successful period of life, the Company has already had a number of completely different, stable and perspective areas in trade and manufacturing.

Exclusively presenting 16 own brands in Ukraine, the VIST GROUP leads an active trade policy in the hand building tools market. The pride of the company - the range of over 4 500 products. The products, of brands we represent, satisfy the customers' and consumers' demands and wishes in absolutely different price segments. The Company Vist also pays a lot of attention and contributes to the promotion of the quality products of national manufacturers.