Music Master Company of the Private Businessman Rossiysky А.V.

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    27 Moskovsky ave, c. Kharkiv, 61000, Ukraine
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    +38(067) 111-01-25, (093) 706-86-09, (099) 184-61-42
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Director - Rossiysky Vladimir Alekseevich

We work in the market of musical instruments since 1998. Our personnel consists of professionals, therefore our experience allows to consult each client individually and to pick up any kind of the musical equipment or musical tools in view of wishes of the client.

For today our shop has contacts practically with all large distributors of the musical equipment and tools of Ukraine. You long do not need to search for the information on any equipment or the tool, it is enough to call or write to us and we shall try to give you the most settling information or advice.

In our shop always there is something interesting to you!

The basic directions of our activity are those:

Musical shop
Kharkov 61003, sq. Constitutions, 9, " The Children's World " 3 floor, On all questions from 10:00 to 18:00 till phone/fax +38 43-78-22

Sale of any musical instruments and accessories to them from classical up to electromusical. At us available you always will find production of such world famous manufacturers as Yamaha, Shure, Roland, Boss, Warwick, Zoom, Behringer, Proel, Phonic, Audio-Technica, Hohner, Aria, Beyerdynamic, Vandoren, Thomastik, D'addario, Rohema, Celestion, Pyle Pro, Alvaro, GEM, Paiste, T.C electronic, Zildjian, Premier, Rotosound, Vic Firth, Sound King, SAMSON and others.

For Sound Installation bars, restaurants, cafe, discos, motor shows, hotels, assembly halls, halls for conferences, sports of complexes we may offer you special production of leading firms in this area, such as Electro-Voice, JBL etc. with drawing up of the most detailed specifications of the necessary equipment.

Guitarists always will find at us popular acoustic and electric guitars from Alvaro, Aria, Аcropolis, J&D Brothers, Yamaha, guitar amplifiers, pedals of effects, processors, strings, picks and a guitar accessories from Aria, Behringer, Boss, Roland, Yamaha, Zoom, Queen, Akkord.

Fans of Keyboard have an opportunity to familiarize with all ruler of popular models Yamaha PSR, DGX and to receive settling information on other models of keyboard tools from Yamaha, Roland, Kurzweil, Gem.

It will be pleasant for vocalists to see "hits" from Shure, Audio-Technica, Beuerdynamic, SAMSON, Sennheiser, and also accessories and microphones racks Proel, Warwick, Sound King.

For Drummers always a "gentlemen's" set from drumheads, plates, sticks, brushes, springs and covers from Evans, Premier, Paiste, Lefima, Zildjian, Vic Firth. Under the order any drum-type installations and accessories Yamaha, Premier, Ludwig, Sonor.

Always available: mixers, power mixers, acoustic systems, processing of a sound from Behringer, Phonic, Sound King, t.c. electronic, Yamaha, Zoom.

For classical musicians always strings, hair for bowes, bowes, rosin, bridges, supports for string, greasings, oils, liquids for cleaning tools, canes, labels on a mouthpiece, mouthpieces from D'addario, Dorfler, Hidersine, Pirastro, Rico, Selmer, Thomastik, Vandoren. Anyone woodwinds instruments under the order.

Orchestras on a turn-key basis!!!
Our large project on a turn-key basis an orchestra of National Legal Academy of Ukraine Yaroslav Mudriy

That you do not receive that in one even the specialized computer shop!!! We shall answer any questions on a configuration of your computer!!! Selection of the equipment for professional studio of a sound recording on the basis of the personal computer. PC Music Station we shall help to pick up to you an optimum configuration of the personal computer and to connect it with the keyboard or a guitar.

Consultations and drawing up of the most detailed specifications on any equipment - from classics up to electro musical instruments!!!

Musical studio
Phone/fax +38 (0572) 43-78-22

The REASONABLE PRICES!!! Professional record of a sound, manufacturing of soundtracks, sound rollers, record компакт disks, all tools for record of vocalists, the priest, fate, a jazz of ensembles, and also CLASSICAL INSTRUMENTS!!!

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