Merydian, named after S.P. Korolev, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    8 Ivana Lepse Bul., c. Kyiv, 03124, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 408-35-72, 408-59-11, 408-85-18, 454-11-06
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Chairman of the Board - Vyacheslav Protsenko

The Company started in 1953 "MERYDIAN" is nowadays a modern company with a potential high enough to develop and manufacture a wide range of measuring instruments, medical equipment, consumer goods and hard-metal tools.

To meet today's challenges we are constantly launching new commercial products and introducing new technologies.
We aim at achieving high competitiveness at today's market, cooperation and reliable partnership in contracts and long-term programmes.
We are happy to welcome all potential partners and invite them for mutual cooperation.

MERYDIAN is featured by close-cycle manufacturing of complex telemetry equipment, dosimeters and radiometers, control systems and home appliances. This includes acquiring materials and components, making work-pieces, parts and assemblies, electroplating, painting and powder-coating and putting articles together. These operations ensured by more than 2.8 thousand pieces of equipment for mechanical processing of metals, plastics, wood and other materials. About a quarter of all the equipment comes from such world-known producers as "Agie", "Mauser", "Baltek", "Mizu @ Seike", "Micromate", "Shcering", "Burkle" etc.

The company's main operations focus on assembling of telemetry equipment (spectrometers, synthesizers, frequency generators and special-purpose equipment), medical equipment for treatment and diagnosis, radio receivers, stereo-sound amplifiers and hard-metal tools. Another line includes manufacture of parts and mechanic assemblies supplied to the international market and exported, in particular, for a number of German companies.

The production facilities occupy the total area of 46209 square meters.
The Company operates its own local water well with the capacity of
180 cubic meters/year, 30 Gcal/year boiler, a post office and industrial effluent treatment plants.
Licensed ware - houses are situated next to the territory of the Company.

Engineering Center, taking up an area of 1540 square meters, houses work stations equipped with state-of-the art computer-aided design and manufacture systems (SolidWorks; "Autocad"; "Р-CAD").
The company's personnel develop new products and processes and implements new manufacturing technologies.

Machining facilities are housed by several workshops with a total area 3100 square meters. They include a stock of programme-control lathes, very satile and turret lathes, as well as drill-layout machines, millers, drills, thread-cutting, thread-rolling, flat-surfacing, circular-grinding and centerless-grinding machines.
The lathes enable to achieve quality 9 precision for machining of various bar stock with complex configuration and piece blanks, the longest treatment diameter being 250 mm. The millers can achieve quality 11-12 precision, and the programme-control machines allow to treat stock with complex configuration.
Flat-surfacing and circular-grinding machines ensure quality 6 precision.

Plastic parts manufacturing takes up an area of 1980 square meters housing the stock of automatic heat softeners and a hydro press for manufacturing thermosetting materials and rubber.
The largest mass of a plastic cast: 0.97 kg. Manufacturing capacity: 40 tones/month.

Framing and forming workshops occupy an area of 4280 square meters. They contain forming equipment 2.5 t.f to 350 t.f (ton.force) and automatic forming machines with a nominal press force of 2.5 t.f to 350 t.f and 10 t.f till 25 t.f. respectively. Programme-control hole-punching revolving presses are capable of punching holes of up to 90 mm. Maximal bar dimensions: 1200х1000 mm; precision: ±0.2 mm. Parts are formed from 0.1 to 6.0 mm. thick material.
There is a potential for manufacturing of large (up to 2500 long and 1000 high) parts, frames and assemblies, resistance-spot welding, as well as welding of aluminum, permalloy, titanium, stainless steels, brass etc. in shielding gases (CO2, argon).
Thermal treatment is carried out.

Tools manufacturing.
OverallІ area: 8800 square meters. The installed equipment is designed for making specialized machining attachments including punches, compression moulds, cutting tools, devises, conductors and measuring instruments.
Grinding-layout machines are used for finishing high-precision parts of punches, compression moulds and other devises.
Thread-grinding machines ensure quality 4-6 precision for the treatment of threaded surfaces.
Circular-grinding and internal grinding: surface treatment precision - up to 0.002 mm; quality 9 precision for 1000 mm-long parts with the diameter of 100 mm.
Flat-surfacing, shape-grinding and optical-grinding machines: quality 6 precision; optical-grinders ensure precision treatment of complex shape parts.
Shark machining is used for quality 6-7 precision treatment of complex shape parts.
The tool-making shop includes a section with forming presses and a hot-forging press and two pressure die casting machines for non-ferrous parts; a plant for the manufacture of metal-powder cutting alloys (cutting tool plates, punches and one-piece cutting alloy drills for making printed circuit boards and special-purpose milling cutters).
Steel tools are reinforced through the application of electrosparking, laser, ultrasound, ion-plasma, chemothermal and other processes.

Electroplating and Coating.
Overall area: 10236 square meters. Types of coating include: galvanizing, chromium plating, nickelizing, Sn-Bi-alloy coating and anodic oxidation treatment of aluminum alloys and steels; powder enamels: ML12 and PF; KTL coating according to the European Standards (RAL); aluminum and bronze imitating coatings; stenciling on metallic and non-metallic surfaces of all colors.
The Utilization Center (Ministry of Finance License N3307), as part of the electroplating section, focuses on the recovery of precious metal from waste materials and obsolete equipment. It also caries out coatings with shining lamellar and dull industrial gold and silver coatings of large-size parts and contacts for radioelectronic assemblies and power-generating plants; "Old Days" silver plating with oxide coating.

Overall area: 8568 square meters.
This includes:
- Facilities for putting products together and wave soldering, assembling conveyers, and equipment for preconditioning and forming of contacting elements.
- Manufacture of parts and assembly blocks of winded articles, inductors, chokes and transformers.
- Winding of inductors and chokes with 0.02 to 2.0 mm.
- Manufacture of various types of transformers.
- Manufacture of complex universal and special-purpose electronic devices and home appliances:
- Signal generators(frequency range: 10 kHz - 17.8 GHz);
- Frequency synthesizers (frequency range: 0.01MHz - 8.15 GHz);
- Spectrum analyzers (frequency range: 10 Hz - 39.6 GHz);
- Frequency meters (frequency range: 0.005 Hz - 37.5 GHz);
- Non-linear distortion meters (frequency range: 20 Hz - 200kHz);
- "Meridian" radio receivers;
- Hi-Fi amplifier "Оdissey 100У - 021С";
- Household electricity meters;
- Power supply packs.

The manufactured products are tested in specialized laboratories.
The instruments are tested in a specially built and extensively equipped laboratory certified by Ukr.CEPRO System. This enables to perform telemetric, electric, radiometric and mechanic tests, and measure the effects of external mechanical and climatic factors.

Finished goods can be shipped by either rail or road.

Our motor-vehicle fleet comprises about 60 transport units of various power, ranging from electric trolleys and loaders to tipper-lorries "Tatra", MAZ 54323 and a mobile crane with the load-carrying capacity of up to 25 tones.

We look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation with our potential partners.

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