Company "China Consulting"

Director - Slobodurev V.A.

Goods in bulk from China
You wish to purchase goods from China, but you don't want to burden yourself with searching, negotiating and delivering them? We will do it for you!
Make an order and provide us with the specification of the goods you need!
We will find the best manufacturer, fold negotiations and provide you with the best price of the goods you need including delivery.
We will check the quality and quantity of the party of goods and provide you with the photo-report before dispatch.

Manufacturers' search in China
Chinese manufacturers can fulfill any order of yours. Modern Chinese factories and plants produce high-quality products for optimal prices. That is why Chinese companies are considered to be the best partners. Manufacturers' search is one of our branches of activities. You want to know the opportunities China can offer? Manufacturers' search will reveal the market of the goods you need. We will find Chinese companies, factories and plants, which are able to fulfill your demands.
1. Client provides full specification of the goods for which the manufacturers must be revealed;
2. Our company makes the search in China according to the provided specification;
3. We give the information to the client.
The information of the manufacturer includes:
a) Illustrations and/or specification of the necessary goods;
b) Brief information about the manufacturer (name, year of establishment, board of directors, quantity of employees etc.) with possible illustrations;
c) Contacts of the manufacturer (address, tel./fax, e-mail, web, etc.).
We take 5 working days for manufacturers' search and providing the information. As usual, information includes no less than 2 manufacturers and no more than 5.