Rice Research Institute at Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences

  • Address:
    Skadovsky distr., Kherson reg., 75705, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05537) 3-46-48, 3-47-42, 3-48-01
  • Web-site:
The Rice Research Institute main trends of activities are:
- breeding of new brands of rice accustomed for conditions of cultivation in Ukraine
- primary seed breeding
- yield of elite seeding grains and provision of country’s rice farms with seeds
- development and perfection of heavy-yield technologies and particular techniques of rice production
- development and implementation of crop pest protection systems and feed systems
- development and implementation of measures for increasing soil fertility at rice ecosystems as well as environmental safety improvement
- selection of companion crops for rice farming rotation and development of technologies for companion crops cultivation
- perfection of administrative and economic aspects of rice cultivation
- sophistication of operation and reconstruction of rice irrigation systems
- provision of scientific and methodical assistance to rice farms for heavy-yield production
- yield and sales of paddy rice and rice grits
- implementation and propaganda of scientific achievements and pioneer experience in rice cultivation
- development of a state concept for assistance rendering to rice farming industry in Ukraine

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