State Ukrainian Research Institute of Vanbuilding

  • Address:
    33, I. Pryhod'ka str., c. Kremenchuk, Poltava reg., 39621, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05366) 6-03-24, 6-10-36, 6-23-32
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Director - O. Safronov

Corporate system of the company: State-owned property - 100%, strategically important for the country, self-supporting organization. Main scientific organization by direction «Rolling stock of main and department railway transport».

The Institute comprises Certification Body for production of vanbuilding in the State Ukrainian Certification System for Production (UkrSEPRO), testing centre for production of vanbuilding and casting production for vanbuilding accredited in the UkrSEPRO system and also in the Certification System for federal railway transport of the Russian Federation. The secretariat of the Technical committee «Carriages-83», main organization for standardization GOS 57 and base organization for metrology function on the base of the institute.
Main directions of activity: implementation of scientific-research and research-design developments, which provide the technical rearmament and reconstruction of enterprises of machine-building for railway transport, increase of technical level and competitiveness due to innovative activity.

Co-ordination and direct participation in forming of unified scientific and technical policy of the Ministry that meets the main tasks of economic and social development of the industry of rolling stock of main and department railway transport.
Providing development of science and technology, efficiency of the use of scientific and technical potential of the industry and its development.

Providing complex decision of theoretical and applied scientific and technical and economic tasks in the industry of rolling stock of main and department railway transport on the basis of unified organizational-methodical principles at high level.
Implementation of basic volumes of works by tasks of the Ministry and providing scientific-methodical guidance by realization of complex works of organizations-co-performers.

Scientific providing high technical and economic indexes of production and high quality of products.
Organization of effective scientific and technical examination of developments by headed direction with attraction of private performers, leading specialists of enterprises.
Studying, generalization and distribution of national and foreign scientific and technical experience, level and progress trends of science and technology development in Ukraine and abroad.
Determination of priority directions in the sphere of scientific and technical activity and assistance to their development.
Providing developments of new wares and technologies on the base of national materials and components or with the minimum use of their import production.
Providing policy of optimum choice between new developments and opportunity of their acquisition abroad, policy of permanent economic and effective improvement and updating of mass technologies and wares of its direction.
Preparation of expert conclusion as a result of examination of technical documentation on wares, testing of wares and estimation of its technical level during decision-making by proper bodies and commissions for supply of new wares to industrial production; accordance of wares to the requirements of standards, technical provisions, norms and other normative-technical documents; prolonging term of the use of wares passed the certain life of service; abundant the product that does not meet the modern technical level and requirements of safety and environment protection.
Providing control by high-quality and effective implementation of the scientific and technical programs, acceleration introduction of competitive types of rolling stock of main and department railway transport.

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