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Ukrtransgas Affiliated Company is a division of "Naftogas of Ukraine" National Company - the successor to the former "Ukrgazprom".

Ukrtransgas took over also some functions of the former "Ukrgaz" state-owned holding, once the operator of urban and rural low-pressure gas pipelines and the supplier of natural and liquefied gas to industrial sites.

Today Ukrtransgas' activities are:
- gas transmission and underground gas storage;
- supply of natural gas to domestic consumers;
- production and supply of liquefied and compressed gas to vehicles (NGV);
- construction of HP (high pressure) and LP (low pressure) pipelines;
- development of industrial sites and community facilities;
- export-import transactions (engineering services included);
- business development.

As a backbone of Ukrainian oil and gas industry, Ukrtransgas controls the 35,600-km gas pipeline system and 12 underground gas storage facilities.
Almost 90 percent of Russian gas exports are transported through Ukraine.

Due to low emission and high efficiency of natural gas as fuel, the forecasts are that gas consumption in Europe is going to rise significantly within next two decades. Most countries in Europe, for lack of their own in-place-reserves, are going to be even more dependent on gas supplies, particularly, from Russia.
Being aware of how important is the gas transit, Ukrtransgas takes special care of safety and efficiency of its gas transportation system. Assessment of the extent of pipe internal corrosion is a routine job for Ukrtransgas just to keep gas pipelines in good state of repair.
In wide use are vibration tests on gas compressors, carried out with a fixed trial system developed in the UkrNIIGas engineering institute. That trial system can accurately assess the state of repair of gas compressors without halts and disassembly of units.
In order to make the gas transit through Ukraine more economic and safe, Ukrtransgas is implementing now a special program to revamp gas transmission system with a wide use of gas turbines and compressors from national producers, which fully comply with the world standards.

Despite the fact that some new export routes are being developed, e.g. "The Yamal-Europe" or "The Blue Stream", Ukraine remains to be the most important export route for Russia. This is determined by the advantage of Ukraine's geographic position, its huge gas storage facilities and extensive high-capacity gas transportation system connected to all cross-border gas pipelines.

Ukrainian gas transmission system is quite capable to manage the increasing transit of gas.
Even now Ukrtransgas has the capacity enough to increase volumes of gas-in-transit by 10-15 BCM/yr.
A long and positive experience that we have in moving gas-in-transit to the West only proves that Ukrainian gas transmission system indeed can be relied on.

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