Bancomzvjazok, Private Join Stock Company

  • Address:
    69, Frunze str., c. Kyiv, 04080, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 492-37-54, 496-00-96
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Chairman of the Board - Chshuchyk Eduard

Form of property: the opened type Joint-Stock Company
Date of foundation: 1993

Mission and main activities

The mission of Joint - Stock Company "Bancomzvjazok" is satisfying the requirements of subjects of economic activities on processing and transmission of digital information by granting of high-tech solutions and services corresponded to the professional and ethical standards.
The main directions of activity of Joint - Stock Company "Bancomzvjazok are:
- Designing and construction of an integrated information infrastructure of firms;
- Designing and installation of the structured cabling systems;
- Distribution of the computer, peripheral and communication equipment;
- Automatization of banks of client's service in usage of international and local plastic cards;
- Construction of data transmission networks for systems of telemetry, monitoring and safety by a Batch Radio network and "bkcNET" Network;
- Mining and tracking of the custom software;
- Automation of an account and document circulation of firms by an "OBLIK" Software.
Frame and partners
The joint-stock company "Bancomzvjazok", having direct partner attitudes with the carrying on suppliers of the equipment, software and technologies, consists of following structural divisions, functionally interdependent among themselves in the solution of general problems of the company.

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