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    121A, Peremogy ave., c. Kyiv, 04212, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 303-94-20, 303-96-25
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Editor-in-Chief - Larysa lvshyna

“Den/The Day” is a unique publication in a quality press format. We publish it for the readers and together with the readers. "Den/The Day” is the only newspaper in Ukraine which is printed in Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

“Den/The Day” opens Ukraine to the world.

“Den” enjoys a stable high rating both in Ukraine and abroad for both its Ukrainian and Russian versions. Four times a week it comes out in six pages in A2 format, and on Fridays it is published in twenty-four pages in A3 format and includes television programming for the week.

Every Tuesday “The Day” English language digest comes out. Circulation for the daily newspaper is 65,400 copies, and for the weekly digest - 7,025 copies.

Topics broached on the pages of “Den/The Day” are: fresh information on the events in Ukraine and the world, analytical articles, politics, economy, news about life of the capital, social problems, culture, sports, and society news.

A wide net of stringers makes it possible to efficiently reflect situation in all the regions of Ukraine and abroad.

“Den/The Day” hosts an annual photo contest in which our readers participate and win prizes. According to the results of the contest a traveling photo exhibition is formed, which is displayed in Ukraine's major cities.

Distribution: (38+044) 414-6400
Advertising: tel./fax (38+044) 414-6760, 414-4001, e-mail:

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