Zorya, Production Amalgamation

  • Address:
    42-a Zhovtnevyi prospect, c. Mykolayiv, 54018, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0512) 50-31-57, 50-39-00, 55-81-45
General Director - Kholyavko Volodyimyir Andriyovyich

- gas-transfer units of the compressor plants at trunk pipe-lines
- gas-turbine engines for power plants
- gas-turbine engines for cargo ships, hydrofoils ships, air-cushion ships, for sea transport
- basic gas-turbine engines: GTD 2500; GTD 3000; GTD 6000; GTD 15000; GTD 16000 (DZh-59); GTD 25000;
- prospective gas-turbine engines: GTD 10000; GTD 15000F; GTD 110;
- steam-gas assemblies: GTG 2,5T; GTG 6T; PGU 22; GTG 25B; PGU 35; PGU44; PGU70;
- gas turbine engines for power supply and gas transportation:
- GT-2500; W=2850 KW; gas temp. 435 deg.C.
- GT-3000; W=3000 KW; gas temp. 440 deg.C.
- GT-6700; W=6700 KW; gas temp. 420 deg.C.
- GT-17500; W=17500 KW; gas temp. 433 deg.C
- GT-27500; W=27500 KW; gas temp. 475 deg.C..

It carries out updating of the gas-pumping units and replaces old engines by ecologically pure converted ship engines of GTD type. It also performs high precision casting from heat resistant steels, uses special technologies for icreasing strength of high loaded parts.

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