Galka Ltd, Ukrainian-British Joint Venture

  • Address:
    1, Zapovitna str., c. Lviv, 79019, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(032) 240-91-00, 293-55-84
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Director - Borys V. Dubovy

"Galka Ltd" JV is the major Ukrainian producer of coffee and coffee-related products. Coffee production was started in 1932. In 1970-s products of Lviv Coffee Factory were acknowledged abroad. In 1993 the Lviv Coffee factory became "Galka" joint-stock company. In 1994 it created a joint venture with a major company E.D.&F.Man Coffee Limited.

Key factors of "Galka Ltd" success are high-quality coffee beans imported from Honduras, Columbia, Brazil, Madagascar, Uganda, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and other supplying countries, no flavourings and preservatives, good traditions, highly qualified personnel, strict quality control, advanced technologies.

Today the product range features over 40 types, developed for various social and age groups of consumers. Product range features ground and bean coffee, instant pure coffee, instant and bean coffee drinks, including those theine free. Among the new products there are "Nasha Kava", ground coffee "Espresso" anad "Fortune", "Gerdan" ground coffee in vacuum packs. There are also "Capuccino" of own production, cream coffee "Latte" which contains only natural cream, coffee and sugar.

In 1996 company's achievements were awarded with a diploma of the International Quality organisation (Geneva, Switzerland) a prize from "Global Quality Management". In 1997 in Paris the company won the XXV International Prize for quality and the IX European Golden Prize for Quality. In 1998 the company won the prize for Perfectness and quality in Madrid, in 1999 it won a prize in New York. "Cappuccino" and "Latte" drinks won the Golden medal at the international contest "The Best Russian Product" in 1999 (Moscow, Russia).

The company has established cooperation with Moldova and Belorus. A representative office in Moscow provides exprting of "Galka Ltd" products to the Russian Federation.

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