Business Center Know-How, BSC, Kherson SME Support Center

  • Address:
    2nd floor, #175 Perekopska str., c. Kherson, 73036, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0552) 51-18-43, 51-70-43, 55-99-44
President Ц Yuliya S. Kuzminer

Number of personnel Ц 22


List of services provided:

1. Restructuring of the enterprise includes:
- Analysis of the economic activity;
- Estimation of the personnel;
- Developing new organisational structure, jobs description;
- Developing methods for personnel motivation;
- Personnel selection;
- Developing marketing strategy for the enterprise.

2. Business- planning includes:
- Description of the investment project;
-Investment project implementation management;
- Strategy of marketing;
-Plan of production organisation;
- Financial plan;
- Estimating risk and forms of its insurance.

3. Registration of the enterprises of all forms of ownership :
- Compiling statutory documents;
- Modification of statutory documents;
- Registration in executive authorities;
- Registration in tax inspection;
- Registration in statistics department and insurance fund;
- Re-registration.

4. "Starting package"
Provides a package of services for starting-up entrepreneurs with discount 5-10 %.
- Legal and accounting advice;
- Registration services;
- Estimation of business idea;
- Main market research;
- Action plan and financial business- plan for 6 months;
- Preparation of the marketing strategy for the enterprise development;
- Search for the real external financing sources;
- Design and development of the firm style;
- Providing informational services.

5. Complex accounting service:
- Book- keeping of the client's enterprise;
- Submitting reports to the State Tax Inspection and insurance funds;
- Quarterly audit;
- Advice on filling out the accounting reports.

6.Selling accounting programme: "Aktsent"
- "Aktsent Ц accounting for Windows"
- "Aktsent Ц the basic means"
- "Aktsent Ц warehouse"
- "Aktsent Ц wages"
- "Aktsent Ц administrator of the right of access for Windows 95-98"


1. User of PC + Internet;
2. Book keeping + PC;
3. Computer accounting program "Aktsent";
4. Office manager;
5. English language (Oxford program HEADWAY);
6. English for Seamen;
7. Effective sales methods;
8. Introduction into marketing;
9. Marketing, advertising, PR;
10. Strategic marketing;
11. Strategic management;
12. Enterprise Management;
13. Staff Management.


1. Telephone hot line "Business Ц information" tel. 559944
Free information about goods, services, companies' addresses and so on. Kherson Ц Kiev - Chernigov - Zaporozhye - Lugansk;
2. Hot line tel. 559944
Free professional advice on legal and accounting questions;
3. Creation and placing WEB pages;
4. Search for the information by order;
5. Providing services of the Internet office;
6. Receiving and sending e-mail;
7. Sociological and marketing research.


1. Business cards;
2. Labels;
3. Printing on the pens, lighters, clothes;
4. Boards, signboards;
5. Folders with firm symbols;
6. Price lists, labels, letters, diplomas;
7. Computer work: scanning, making original models, typing, development of the enterprise's firm style, development of labels, design of the photos;
8. Laminating;
9. Copying;
10. Accounting forms.